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The Deep Lyrics

Song Lyrics

ZZ Ward lyrics

Advisory – the following lyrics contain explicit language:

Joey Purp Verse:
I walk in this bitch
Smoking, exhausting this bitch
Don’t compare me, I’m different
I’m finished, take off in this bitch,
Imma pull up in this bitch man
I’m saucin’, I’m trippin’
I’m probly gon buy me a whip
Imma get lost in that bitch
Time gon be missing
They all like what happened to him
All like what happened young purple
Young nigga you different
You already changed
Already want me the same
I skirt and skirt through the lanes
I know the pain, I know the pressure but pressure
Make diamonds and I’m out here shinin’ my knockers
The difference, I know the difference man
I know the difference
What’s real and what isn’t
Always 100 forever official
Purple for president
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